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2022-23 Legislative Issues

It’s that time of year to inform our elected officials of Community, County and Commonwealth issues

  • At the September Board meeting, the Legislative Issues process and feasible topics were reviewed.
  • Consider looking through the list of all legislative issues file posted below — a new issue may be generated or an old issue revived
  • Here's our schedule for consideration of issues and approval of the package:
    1. 15 Sep — Start brainstorming, collaborating, and writing
    2. 3 Oct — Send the legislative committee chairs your (probably incomplete) initial draft Issues
    3. 6 Oct — Legislative Committee chairs return submissions to originators with suggestions
    4. 20 Oct — Final draft submitted for Board approval vote (friendly edits)
    5. 27 Oct — Final for Membership go/no go vote (minor edits)
    6. 3 Nov — Send to BOS and Legislators

  • Issues should be submitted using this template
      The ISSUE ID on the template is 23 c nn
    • 23 for the 2023 General Assembly.
    • The c for Committee is:
      • A — Citizen Associations Services
      • B — Budget
      • C — Conservation / Environment
      • E — Education
      • G — Governance / Legislation
      • H — Human Services
      • L — Land Use
      • P — Public Safety
      • T — Transportation
      • Y — Library
    • nn is 01, 02, etc. from same Committee; you can submit several Issues.

  • At the October Board meeting, the Legislative Committee presented the consolidated Issues submitted by the Federation's committees and reviewed by the committee for the board's approval and submission to the membership. The board reviewed and approved five issues, and instructed the committee to make various changes to the issue package presented to the board

  • At the October membership meeting the legislation issues package, incorporating the board-directed changes, are to be reviewed by by the membership for approval.
    • 23E01 - Kids in Poverty
    • 23E02 - Governor's School Expansion
    • 23E03 - Full Year School
    • 23E04 - Technology in Schools
    • 23P01 - Age Restriction for the Purchase of Ammunition

  • The above issues were approved by membership and were forwarded to the Fairfax County legislative delegation and the county's Board of Supervisors via letter on 13 December 2022.

    List of all Legislative Issues for the Past Dozen Years
    14 September 2022

    Legislation Committee Archive

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