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Ten Reasons to Join the Federation
1. Our programs introduce you to those who make decisions in Fairfax County, the region, and the state.
2. Meet your neighbors next door and across the County.
3. Be part of the solution to today's concerns about transportation, the environment, schools, taxes and other issues.
4. We are the only non-partisan, volunteer, and non-profit County-wide organization representing the concerns of homeowner and community associations.
5. We focus objectively on your association's problems.
6. We stay on top of the issues.
7. We have more than 60 years of local, state, and regional experience and influence.
8. You have a seat at the table. When County Supervisors ask for citizen recommendations on any subject, they ask the Federation.
9. We speak on your behalf at public hearings, through written statements, in task forces and commissions, and through the media.
10. We need you and your organization. The more people we represent, the more effective we are.

We invite you to join the Federation if your homeowner or civic association has a minimum of 10 housing units. Our Membership Application has more information. Dues are payable in June of each year and range from $20 to $60 depending on the size of your organization. Larger organizations may pay higher dues but have more representatives

If you have questions about the membership application or process we encourage you to contact our 1st Vice President by email, Fed1stVP2020 @ fairfaxfederation.org.

Federation General Membership Meeting
General Membership Meeting

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About Us | Membership | Contact Us
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